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UPDATE AS OF JULY 23rd, 2021


We would love to open doors to more visitors however, due to COVID 19 pandemic. By consenting to have your loved one admitted to our hospice you are also consenting to follow the following visitors’ rules: 


  • Four approved visitors, under exceptional circumstances (young children, elderly etc) only the director of care may approve additional visitors; however, it must be approved prior to admission and they must agree to a weekly rotation schedule that permits the same 2 people to be on site each week
  • Two (2) visitor at a time, 
  • In and out privileges  
  • COVID negative test weekly (7 days)-if expired visitor will not be permitted to visit 
  • Proper Mask must be wearing at all times 
  • Must maintain social distancing of 2m/6ft from staff, screeners, and all other visitors
  • Will be screened each visit for COVID symptoms prior to each entry, if you have symptoms you will not be permitted in building
  • Must adhere to code of conduct (found in welcome package), no visitor will be allowed to conduct themselves in a fashion that creates fear or an unsafe workspace for our staff.
  • When not at hospice, practice public health measures- wear a mask, clean hands often and keep social distance from others, limit or refrain from any outside social or non-essential contact with others 


  • May visit by the window but must maintain social distancing from any other visitor and wear a mask
  • Contact supportive care to ask about arranging a virtual visit


VISITING HOURS:    12-7 pm, overnight visits allowed


  • Upon arrival to hospice, go to main doors (doors Lock)
  • Call number  on door and a screener will answer 
  • You will be asked to show proof of valid COVID negative test results
  • You will be asked COVID 19 screening questions, if pass,
  • You will be permitted inside and then the screener will:
    • Ask you to sanitize hands
    • Provide you a mask (no outside or personal mask permitted)
    • Take your temperature
    • You will be asked to keep your mask on for entire visit and to keep social distance
    • They will walk you to the room 
    • You will wash your hands upon entry
    • If you have any questions or concerns please ask attending nurse, DO NOT go to screener or kitchen
    • Upon entry, you will be asked to sanitize your hands, put on a clean mask provided by the hospice, and your temperature taken.


CONTACT Debbie Robinson at 905.387.2448 ext. 2110