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UPDATE AS OF May 10 th, 2022

For the complete letter to all families click here


  • Strict adherence to complying with mask: Mask must be pinched at the top of the nose, under the chin, and on all the time if it becomes wet, please ask for another mask.  Mask wearing is the most effective way to reduce spread.  We will supply a medical-grade mask however, if you have a form-fitting N95 mask this is preferred. We ask that you have a new clean mask upon entry.
  • 6 Feet apart- Please remain six feet apart from our staff team and others, including non-household visitors in the room with you and during screening.


9 am to 8 pm 

Visitors are welcome to remain in the building for all hours once admitted during screening hours.


  • Up to ten close family and friends on the visitor’s list. This will be implemented on Thursday, May 12, 2022.
  • Up to six visitors per day but only two can be in the room at one time in the room as of May 12, 2022.
  • Let us know who you will be adding to the visitor’s list, name, phone number and email address as soon as possible so that we may adjust our screening tablet to avoid disappointment at the door.
  • Two visitors at any given time will be allowed to visit the room. Please make sure to pre-plan visits with your loved ones. Once two visitors are in the building others will be directed to a window visit.
  • All visitors will need to complete the pre-screening app prior to arrival-

(Go to


  • When end of life is imminent (within hours) four visitors on the approved list will be permitted to be at the bedside but must be approved by the manager. (When staff needs to enter the room during this time, two visitors will need to leave the room).
  • Only 1 person will be permitted to stay overnight.
  • Rapid testing: All visitors will be rapid tested every two days.
  • Numbers for rooms: Visitors will be given a number to hang outside of the door to indicate how many visitors are currently in the room, please return the number to the screener/staff when you are leaving.
  • Window visits: Will be permitted provided the visitors outside maintain social distance from other outside visitors and masks are always properly worn.
  • NO OPENING DOORS: No visitor will be permitted to open any exterior doors within the building to allow for others to either enter the building or to stand by and talk.
  • Enclosure visits- Please speak to a residential manager or RN to pre-arrange an inside enclosure visit. An enclosure visit is a screened-in area whereby outside visitors can sit inside and visit through the screen while inside visitors are on the other side of the screen with the patient.

CONTACT Debbie at 905.387.2448 ext. 2110