Donate Today-Wish List

Meals and Care for Residents and Their Families

Each day we prepare three meals to the patients liking, and we ensure their family and freinds have some warm soup to comfort them while they are visiting.

-$150 Provides daily soup for hospice families for one month

-$2500 Provides meals for our 10 residents for a month

Day Hospice and Group Programs

Every week we open our doors to over 25 people living with a progressive life limiting illness, to offer activities, support and a healthy lunch. We also provide families in our community the opportunity to have a volunteer visit their home for support. Our other services include music therapy for residents and bereavement and counselling for families.

-$250 Provides lunch and refreshments for one month life-limiting

Camp Keaton Hamilton - Bereavement Camp for Children and Youth held in June.

Camp Keaton provides 50 bereaved children, ages 7 - 17 years, an opportunity to be with other children and youth who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  Camp is facilitated by trained volunteers and is run annually, offered at no charge to the participants and families.

-$800 Sponsors One Camper
-$500 T-shirt Sponsors
-$200 Camper Meal Sponsors

Hospice Upgrades

The Hospice is in need of new technology to connect families, new equipment and renovations to better serve the community. Improvements are made through generous donations.

-$1200 will provide a new TV, music system and SMART Technology for one of our 10 resident room's

-Our 10 year old Hospice needs repainting, refreshing and new technology, including computers to improve our services. Estimated cost $20,000

-Our nursing station is in need of $80,000 for remodelling to make it more efficient and to facilitate resident care