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Grief Exchange Campaign

Event Date:

November 16, 2021

Event Time:

12:00 am

Event Location:

Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice

This November, participate in the GREAT BIG GRIEF EXCHANGE!

Share your message of support with another griever.

The grief exchange is a movement of grievers dedicated to shifting

harmful societal notions of loss and connecting as a community.

Together, we don’t have to grieve alone.



  1. Make OR buy a card or postcard of your choice
  2. Write a message of support to another griever. This could be something that has helped you in your grief.
  3. Mail your card to us at Bob Kemp Hospice. Make sure you include your address. We ask that you add postage and send your postcard in an envelope.
  4. We will mail your card to someone else. Don’t worry, your address will not be shared with anyone but Bob Kemp Hospice staff.
  5. All cards should be sent to Bob Kemp Hospice by October 15. All cards will be sent in the mail by November 4.
  6. The best part: Everyone who sends a postcard will receive one!



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  • Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice
  • 271 Stone Church Rd. E
  • Hamilton
  • Ontario

Event Schedule Details

  • November 16, 2021 12:00 am   -   12:00 am
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