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Legacy Gift

Donating through a Legacy gift is a great way to have your memory live on in our community and continue supporting Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice for years to come. Not only are you helping to support our hospice but you are also supporting the next grieving heart that walks through our doors. Through your generosity we can continue to offer our specialized grief and bereavement services while providing the best end of life care to our residents.


Ways to leave a legacy gift: 

Bequest in your will

  • Gifts given through your will
  • Reduces taxes owed
  • Leaves more funds for your beneficiary

If you are interested in bequesting through your will we recommend seeking professional advisory from a financial consultant or lawyer. The following are ways to formally bequest your gift.

“I give to Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice the sum of $(amount).”

“I give to Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice (description of property). My estate shall bear all costs of transfer and
delivery of my (description of property) to Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice.”


Life Insurance & Retirement Savings 

  • Name Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice as one of the beneficiary for a life insurance policy
  • Receive charitable donation receipts
  • For donations over $20 DBKH will issue a tax receipt


How to leave a Legacy gift:

  1. Gather details about Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice through our website
  2. Decide on how you would like to support
  3. Update documents by getting in touch with your lawyer


For more information visit

Contact Danielle Zucchet, CEO at or (905) 387-2448 Ext. 2201