Legacy Giving

Tax Saving Gifts to Provide Future Funds for the Hospice

There are many ways you can donate gifts of property, securities, charitable gift annuities and more to receive tax benefits now or in the future.

A gift to your charity of choice is one of the best ways to maximize your legacy, minimize your taxes, inspire others and ensure future generations will continue to benefit from the work we do here at The Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice. 

Please consult your financial advisor for the most optimal options for you.

Insurance Policies-A life insurance policy established for the Hospice with it as the beneficiary deliver donors tax benefits and will provide important funds to serve the needs of the future.

Remember the Hospice in your will-We all hope to leave this world a better place when our time comes. Consider the future and make a bequest to the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice. Hundreds of our friends have already included us in their will. These gifts of love and gratitude allow us to extend our services to all who need us.

What are Bequests and Endowments?

Bequests and endowments are methods of charitable giving that enable you to express your personal values by integrating charitable and financial goals. Simply put, they offer opportunities for donors to provide gifts distinct from their annual contributions; to organizations and causes whose missions they support. Bequests and endowments are not just for the wealthy. They are the means by which ordinary people offer extraordinarily impactful gifts.

A bequest is when you leave something in your will. You bequeath Aunt Martha's Ring to your daughter, your pool table to your son, and your house and cash assets to all of your children divided equally.

As you are thinking about this, you might start to think about your alma mater, synagogue, or the camp you attended gowing up.

Think of a bequest as an outright gift. In your will, along with Aunt Martha's Ring, you can give a gift of whatever amount you'd like to the camp. They will be thrilled and most likely spend it immediately.

If, however you'd like to give an annual gift in perpetuity to the Hospice you could set up an endowment fund that grows over time.

By way of example, let's say you have given $500 to the Hospice each year, and you'd like to keep doing that after your lifetime. If you set up and endowment fund in the amount of $12,500 and it earns 4% annually, the Hospice will receive a distribution of appoximately $500 from your endowment fund each year.

We would be pleased to discuss major gifts to help you make a decision that meets your philanthropic goals, and recognizes your generosity. Please contact development@kemphospice.org