April 1 Newsletter: Note from Executive Director Clare Freeman

Caring together, during these uncertain times, is more important than ever!  We know that everyone's life has changed, including the day to day life at our hospice.  We are doing everything we can to keep our families, volunteers and staff from being exposed to the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19.  The impact of COVID is forcing us to restrict, suspend, postpone or cancel programs; while needing to purchase additional supplies to respond to COVID in an atmosphere of reduced donations. Please see below for COVID-19 updates and changes to our events and programs.

We are hoping that if you can, you will support our Spring mail campaign with a one-time donation or by becoming a Caring together monthly donor.  Please also join us in our Virtual Hike for Hospice starting
April 1-June 13. Click here for more information on this event.

April 16th is a week devoted to building awareness of the importance of Advance Care Planning. The current pandemic crisis is highlighting the vulnerability of life and death. Many are stating they want to talk more about the end of life planning. Please go to  www.speakupontario.cato learn more or join us on April 16th for our virtual session specifically focused on wills and estates. 

At times like this, when suffering is all around us, I, like many of us, look for inspiration or spiritual teachings to bring comfort.  This month three different faiths, Christians(Easter) Jews (Seder/Passover) and Muslims (Ramadan), are marking significant times.  I can't help but note that in each of these faiths marks the existence of suffering/sacrifice, renewal/rebirth and togetherness. With suffering, comes grief. Our work with grief informs us that by acknowledging our losses is important to taking care of our selves. So give yourself space to accept that it is hard not to go about our daily lives, free to go and be with folks for whom we care.  It is especially hard not to be in a community with others when they would usually be gathering.  I miss our home with all our volunteers, students, the smell in the kitchen and family/friends freely coming and going.  I know we will be together again, and this brings me the most comfort during these uncertain and trying times. 

I am deeply grateful to all our team, volunteers, students, families and supporters for coming together and caring so genuinely for us and each other.  I look forward to the day when we can be in the community with each other again.  Many blessing for Easter, Seder/Passover, and Ramadan. 


with deepest regards,

Clare Freeman

Executive Director




Volunteer Visiting: We are visiting via telephone/virtual visits

Day Program: We are visiting via telephone or virtual visits with
                         our day hospice clients

Bereavement: We are hosting virtual support groups and individual counselling

Camp Keaton: Cancelled for June 2020

Residential: Restrictions to volunteers and visitors but open for service

Events: PTTR postponed to October 22nd

               Hike for Hospice changed to Virtual Hike for Hospice

               Stories of Time in Between Postponed 

               Handbags for Hospice changed to March 25th