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Grief & Bereavement Support

Grief Text and Online Support

We are so excited to offer support through our Grief Text and Online Chat.
These services will be available from Monday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm

Grief Text Line 289-278-1885


Text Website Chat Address Click Here for Web Chat Address


Outline of Service
Our Grief Text or Online Chat service aims is to provide accessible, short-term peer brief grief emotional support for children, youth, parents/caregivers, and adults who have experienced a death from a pet or someone in their lives.  It is not a mental health crisis/or distress service and will not provide mental health therapy. 


  • A trained bereavement staff or volunteer
  • Provide brief emotional grief and bereavement support
  • Resources to support you


  • Mental Health Crisis counseling or intervention
  • Mental Health Counselling/therapy -therapy, treatment, or medical and health advice





Text services are voluntary and generated by the user and not by Dr Bob Kemp Hospice. Thus by the user initiating a chat or text, this is considered implied consent for service.  It is acknowledged that a user can withdraw consent at any time.  To ensure proper communication of the intent to withdraw consent the user is requested to:

For text: You can opt-out at any time by texting ‘STOP’.

For chat: You can opt-out by clicking ‘End Chat’ or close your browser or window.



Collection, Storage and Privacy and disclosure of Personal Information and Security Notice

Collection of Information:

We gather general demographic information.  Information such as first name, age, type of bereaved relationship, and gender may be asked to ensure proper support is offered and for statistical or reporting reasons.

Storage of Information:

Your text and chat information is encrypted and will be deleted as soon as the chat or text ends and thus not stored.   Information collected for statistical or reporting will not contain information from conversations but general demographic information and will be presented in aggregate data, with no personal identification. 



Privacy and Security

DBKH Text & Chat takes your privacy and security seriously. Terms of service may be updated occasionally. Each time you access this service you will be presented with the most current terms, conditions, limits of confidentiality, and privacy statement

Governing laws are quite strict regarding your personal information (such as name, phone number, IP address, email). This service is made available by a third-party agreement of purchased services with Resource Connect.  A Canadian company, please visit  to learn more about the protection, storage, and privacy of your information. 

Security and encryption controls and protocols are in place to protect your information. In spite of these protections, SMS text and chat are imperfectly secure platforms and there are some risks to using this service. You agree to use our service and provide information at your own risk and you agree that the Dr Bob Kemp Hospice has no liability regarding anyone’s unauthorized access to the service or data associated with it.



Disclosing or Sharing of Personal Information

To access our chat & Text services we ask for general demographic information.  The information such as first name, age, type of bereaved relationship, and gender may be asked to ensure proper support is offered and for statistical or reporting reasons. Your text and chat information is encrypted and will be deleted as soon as the chat or text ends.

Please note, we will not share your personal information unless required by Federal or Provincial law; including but not limited to laws related to your personal safety or the safety of others(see Limits of privacy and confidentiality).




Limits to Privacy/ Confidentiality

We will do our best to protect your privacy and personal information; however, there are times we are required under the health Act, Ontario College of Social Work, legal and other legislation to report or share your information; this may include but are not limited to the following:

• You give consent for us to share information for specific reasons and to specific agencies or people you want to help you.

• The DBKH staff or volunteers have assessed and believe:

• You are or a child is in need of protection under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act of Ontario

• You are assessed to be at risk of self-harm  

• You have threaten or are at risk to harm someone else

• If we are required by law, such as a legal subpoena

If you have any more questions about how we keep your information private and confidential, you can email us at:




Emergency Protocol

We care deeply for your wellbeing so if the volunteer or staff member assesses you to be in a mental health crisis, suicidal, or causing immediate harm to self or someone else, they will call 911 and seek emergency help.




Risk in Use of Service

DBKH and any of its staff, volunteers, or service providers shall not have any liability for:

• Actions taken by you or a third party

• The unavailability of the service

The DBKH and any of its staff, volunteers, or service providers shall be protected from any damages arising out of:

• Your use of the service

• Your breach of the terms

• Resources or information provided by CGC

• Technology failures




Resources and Linked Websites

Any information obtained from website links provided during our Text & Chat is the responsibility of the party operating the website. DBKH is not responsible for the contents of linked sites or for any harm or injury resulting from the use of linked sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.




Governing Laws According to Location; International users

DBKH Text &Chat is operated in Ontario, Canada. If you are located outside of Canada, please be aware that any information you provide will be collected in, or transferred to, Canada. Our Text & Chat services are governed solely by, and shall be interpreted according to, the laws of the Province of Ontario and the applicable federal laws of Canada. 




Reasons and Ways to Terminate Conversation

DBKH Text &Chat support staff and volunteers try their best to support grieving children, teens, and their parents (caregiver/guardians). It is important that we provide you with information on accessing and stopping services.

DBKH Text &Chat support staff and volunteers acknowledge your right to terminate a conversation at any time:

For text: You can opt-out at any time by texting ‘STOP’.

For chat: You can opt-out by clicking ‘End Chat’ or close your browser or window.

Examples of when you may want to use these options:

• You no longer want to receive any messages from the online support worker

• As a means to protect your privacy, for example:

o Someone tries to watch what you are doing on your computer/phone

o You are not ready yet for your parent/caregiver/guardian to be involved in these conversations

o You feel that you may be at risk if someone is aware of the conversation

DBKH Text & Chat support staff and volunteers reserve the right to terminate services for the following reasons:

• It is determined that you’d be better served by a different kind of support or that you require service beyond what our Text & Chat staff and volunteers can reasonably provide to you. 

• if you violate the terms of service or engage in the following activities:

o Abusive behaviour such as name calling, use of defamatory/obscene language, etc;

o Threating violence towards our staff or volunteers;

o Uploading, transmitting, distributing or otherwise publishing material that is pornographic, illegal, or in any way advocates illegal activity;

o Uploading, transmitting, distributing or otherwise publishing material that is an invasion of privacy

o To “spam”, gather or attempt to gather personal information belonging to users or others for the purpose of spamming, marketing, selling to third parties;

o Advertising or soliciting funds, goods, or services;

o Infringing intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks of any person or entity