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Team Directory

Clare Freeman, CEO
(905)387-2448 Ext. 2201 Click here to contact

Danielle Zucchet
, Director of Development
(905)387-2448 Ext. 2213  Click here to contact

Debbie Robinson, Director of Nursing Services
(905)387-2448 Ext. 2110  Click here to contact

Ashley Mikitzel, Manager of Bereavement and Supportive Care
(905)387-2448 Ext. 2233  Click here to contact

Cherilyn Kislosky-McLellan, Manager Children/Adult Wellness & Volunteer Programs
(905)387-2448 Ext. 2209  Click here to contact

Susan Repa, Manager of Children & Family Support Programs & Camp Keaton Hamilton Director
(905)387-2448 Ext. 2230  Click here to contact